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BOO from the French Quarter

The last couple of days I have felt yucky. Took my weekly shot (ewww)  Sunday night and actually felt good the next day. Usually the shot gives me flu-like side affects. I still had a headache but took some pain meds and got laundry and dishes, etc. done.  I am off to do Halloween night in the French Quarter with Robert. Will share the pictures. We have a room on Bourbon Street with a balcony. This oughtta be FUN. Right next door to Pat O’s. I’m trying to figure out how to go as an MRE (Meal Ready To Eat).

This image is from a woman in my Mom’s Asian Art group. They trade handmade cards, alterered books, etc. The group was so amazing to her after Katrina. She does decorative rubber stamping and they got together and mailed her hundreds of stamps and papers. I think I was more impressed and touched than she was.  I saw such amazingly wonderful generous acts from complete strangers and close friends after that storm and will be altered by it forever.

Oh, and the parakeet is being named Shreik, not Ipod. You do the math.


Rain Rain Go Away

This is Mom’s house after the storm. She has a FEMA trailer now. That’s another story.

Entry for October 25, 2006

This, my friends, is a tree snapped off by hurricane Katrina with a piece of house siding through it. It really happened. Just down the street from my former residence. This is why I am in Natchez. It could be worse. I know this. Wait til you see my Mom’s house.

Entry for October 24, 2006

Okay so I’m eating a little too much refined sugar lately. 

I’m busy right now reading a book about The Green River Serial Killer and playing with the baby parakeet my boyfriend, Robert, gave me over the weekend.  I think I’m going to name him Ipod.

I work at the radio station tomorrow — thank god. Swamp Shop and community calendars. Be still my heart.

Entry for October 19, 2006

Here’s a new entry. I am obviously concerned about the earth’s limited resources and our usage and pollution of it (among TONS of other things – and there are an unlimited number of concerns for me). But I try to worry about what I can directly do something about — my own backyard kind of thing.

SO, this is my blog about living with multiple sclerosis. I have this unpredictable disease not as badly as some people and worse than others.  The most important thing is to keep a positive attitude which is difficult when one of the biggest symptoms sets in: depression.  For some reason it is present more so in MS than other diseases of its kind. 

I went through a lot of years of absolute hell trying to get  a diagnosis. It’s a difficult disease to pinpoint and there is a definite bias against women with health problems. We are “just depressed” or it is “all in our heads.”  I ran into that over and over and once  cried all the way home from Lancaster to Los Angeles (a 60 minute drive) because the latest doctor wanted to give me an MMPI test (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory). I know he was trying to see if I was depressed but all I could think was here’s another doctor who thinks I’m a headcase.

MS symptoms come and go without warning and one day I can look totally normal and be in lots of pain amd the next day it is something different like my legs don’t work right.

Entry for October 18, 2006

I was feeling pretty decent today.