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Something Southern

Nothing much to report here.

This is a photo I took a few weeks back. Will be posting more in the future. We have an amazingly beautiful and historic cemetery here. Ironically, I got lost there the night we evacuated. The three cars we were in (I was loaded with 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 screech owls and two squirrels) got separated on the way to Alexandria. I drove around and around in Natchez and ended up in the cemetery (which isnt easy to get to), got someone to lead me out, then ended up there again. I wondered if that meant I shouldn’t go home that night. I was ready to.

 I was completely taken with the statues and headstones there and thought I must get back and take photos. But I also felt a little sad because I lived three hours south of there and would probably never get back up that way again. Ha. I live here now.

Anyway, the famous “Turning Angel” is at the cemetery. I will post photos of her as soon as I can.

Ta for now.


Entry for November 27, 2006

I never made it down to the Redneck Riviera to visit with my mom this weekend.  I had a good weekend though and am feeling better. Have been doing too much and going slowly downhill the past couple of weeks. MS is a disease that has to be managed and I have not been paying attention to my limits. Duh. If you have MS, depending on the severity of your symptoms, most people have to eat right, get plenty of rest and not push the envelope. Everyone has different limits and when I am feeling good I tend to forget what mine are. Well, what a rude awakening for the millionth time. 

I didn’t make it down to the Gulf Coast but the Coast made it to me oddly enough. I met a photographer from Bay St. Louis (a good part of it flattened by Katrina) who  was part of a Natchez artist studio tour this weekend. He said he can’t live down there anymore, it is too sad. I know the feeling. Natchez is benefitting from the influx of new people from Katrina. Especially artists.  Very cool.

LSU and the Saints both won this weekend.  Wow.

Entry for November 24, 2006

Here is a card I got this week. Too funny. LSU is WINNING against Arkansas. Whoa, Nelly.

Update: LSU won against Arkansas!! Pigs CAN fly! (but they didn’t today for AK Razorbacks) Hey, if a light can be a particle AND a wave, anything is possible.

Us, excuse me, we,  Katrina people take our thrills where we can get them.



“An angel is a belief with arms and wings that can hold you up. If it can’t hold you up you find something that can.”

Meryl Streep

Angels in America

Latest Visual Art Effort

Had a great weekend.  Think I am recovering from walking too much last weekend. Am going back down to Katrina Land after Thanksgiving to spend the weekend with Mom on the Gulf Coast. It’ll be interesting to see what progress has been made.  Down here we used to call it the “Redneck Riviera.”  I’m not big on casinos but the Beau Rivage has opened back up and before the storm it was an architectural work of art. Cirque de Soleil performed there. Also one of the most beautiful atriums I have ever seen in the lobby.

I know most people get cable or dish tv and Katrina is a has-been in the rest of the country’s eyes but it is still a mega-disaster here. I still look at my  own life in terms of  pre- or post-Katrina.  Guess I will tell my story someday.  I have to put a timeline on the next post for my mother’s Fema trailer. It sounds like something out of a Douglas Adams book. Now the parish is kicking all of the Fema trailers out of unincorporated areas of St. Tammany Parish.  The crooks. They have been wanting that land for years. My mother has her Fema trailer there where she has lived for 28 years. It’s right next to two exclusive sub-divisions.  So now this 70 year-old grandmother who lost everything in Katrina and worked like a dog her whole life (and is still working full-time by the way) is losing what little bit she has left.  They will buy the property but I guarantee she won’t get what she should for it.  Eminent Domain strikes again. Actually they want to widen the road but they could wait on that.  Anyway, it ticks me off.  I guess that’s enough bitching for one day, ay?

My Front Yard

Here is a photo of the beautiful pond in my front yard. Robert took this early in the morning. Enjoy.

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

Heeeeeeeeeeere’s Mark!

This is my brother Mark in the trees with a chainsaw after Hurricane Katrina. He is being honored at a big whoop de doo Dec. 1st  at the Capitol Hilton in Baton Rouge.  The National Arthritis Association has named him a Hurricane Hero and he is up for the Tribute to Excellence Award.  He worked like a dog after the hurricane over in Slidell where he is part of the Slidell PD. Didn’t have a day off til after Christmas. His kids had to leave town because their house was totalled, his apartment was flooded and his Mom lost everything.  It all really sucked but he got out his chainsaw and got busy.  The world could use more people like him.

You Decide

My first poll.

This is Robert — not the other one.

I know I tried to pass off Gene Wilder as Robert but I have to come clean.

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