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Entry for March 26, 2007

I tried posting twice and got bumped and lost it. No more today. I give up. In a nutshell: I am still moving. Keep those cards and comments coming, here’s a photo I did recently. Hope you like it. Spring has sprang here. Hurray!


IT’S A BOY! IT’S A GIRL! …’s an IT.. IT’S a healthy it, though.

It hatched when I wasn’t looking. You know you just wait and wait and wait and then POP! I think it’s Puff the Magic Dragon part 2. I dunno. Has some funny hair. I love it anyway though. Thank you Lockerridge for the nice baby.

Win one for us curvy girls, Kate!

Winslet Awarded Damages Over Diet Story
Friday March 9 11:43 AM ET

Kate Winslet was awarded substantial libel damages Friday after a British magazine wrongly stated that she had visited a diet doctor.

The 31-year-old actress, known for her criticism of excessive dieting, wasn’t at London’s High Court for the hearing on an article published last month by women’s magazine Grazia.

Winslet’s lawyer, Rachel Atkins, said the story wrongly stated that Winslet had sought the help of California-based Chinese herbalist Yi Pan for her weight, despite vowing not to bow to Hollywood pressure on actresses to be skinny.

Atkins said Winslet had visited Pan for a neck injury.

Grazia printed an apology in its March 5 issue, saying it was “very happy to set the record straight.”

Winslet, a five-time Oscar nominee, said in a statement that she was delighted by the outcome, adding that the magazine had apologized to her in full.

“I am not a hypocrite,” she said. “I have always been, and shall continue to be, honest when it comes to body/weight issues. I feel very strongly that `curves’ are natural, womanly and real.”

Lawyers for Winslet said she would be donating the unspecified but “substantial” damages payment to charity.

Winslet has received Oscar nominations for her roles in “Little Children,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Iris,” “Titanic” and “Sense and Sensibility.”

Did I miss anything?

Other than Switzerland accidentally invading Lichtenstein that is. How could you accidentally invade a country the size of a quarter? And besides, isn’t Swiss neutral? I thought all they did was make penknives and clocks and chocolate. Oh and hide money. So even the Swiss are beating up other countries now. Sign of the times I guess. Maybe Lichtenstein had some chocolate factories they wanted.

And now to change the subject to the most fascinating one of all — ME. This is my blog and I claim to be the most fascinating thing in the universe on here. Everywhere else I am a number and pretty much invisible. In this little bit of cyberspace I RULE. Ha.

Well I spent yesterday in bed recovering from doing too much Monday and Tuesday (for the uninitiated here I have MS and have to manage my physical activity) . I am still packing and as many of you may have surmised, Robert and I are getting a place together. The really good news is we can be together AND I can have my horse on the property because it is out in the country. Way cool. This is a wonderful resolution for both of us to the total life-catapult that Katrina sent our way. Bloom where you’re planted is what I say. Oh yeah, and damn the torpedoes. And the hurricanes. except the ones at Pat O’Brien’s. I could use one of those right now.

Thanks for stopping by and checking on me. I appreciate the emails saying where the heck are ya? I’ll be checking all your blogs more often. I’ve been lurking a little here and there so don’t think I’m not watching. Savoir Faire ees EVERYWHERE baby!