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Entry for April 24, 2007

Hey Ya’ll!!! Operation Move to the Sticks was a complete success. I am out here watching the cars rust and the grass grow (and the tomatoes and cucumbers and potatoes etc). Thanks for all the nice comments and messages. I don’t know if I’d rather move or get dental work done. Hmmm. Toss up.

Next up I have some legal things to take care of and will be down in Katrina Land til the weekend. Wish me luck. Will write about it more when it’s over. Ridiculous story.

As soon as it’s all over I am going to go sit in my room and fingerpaint for a week.

Robert says hi.


Happy Easter


Entry for April 03, 2007

Hey everyone! Well, there have been a few flies in the ole ointment since last week. I am still trying to move but ended up in the hospital for 3 days with a Solu-Medrol drip. (MS complications for any new visitors) As usual, the spirit is WAY willing and the body TOTALLY has other ideas. Stupid damn bodies. Thanks for all your nice comments about the wisteria photo. I have been wanting to get it since last year and was waiting like a little vulture for it to bloom.

In the meantime my youngest niece just had her school pictures done and I don’t even recognize her. Feels like being in a Twilight Zone episode I haven’t seen before. The new place here with Robert is so wonderful and I am happy to be here finally. It’s nice getting out of the “after-Katrina” house and getting on with my life. I was so grateful to have a place to live but it had too many bad memories associated with it. Really bad.

Oh, and Empress Celena, Thursday was continued. I sent you an email but it must not have made it. Sorry to worry you.

Gee, I feel like I’ve been on a cruise or something. (yeah, right, with the cast of Scrubs).

Thanks for the well wishes Cheesie. You always lift my spirits. And Lady Expat I always feel faint when you like one of my photos. Yours are so amazingly great. And you too, Cynthia and T and Ms. K. Thanks for all the warm fuzzies. It especially helps when I feel crappy.

(I had the strangest dream, and you and you and YOU were there…) Bleah bleah bleah. I will be blog hopping soon. Leave the front light on for me, OK?