Entry for April 24, 2007

Hey Ya’ll!!! Operation Move to the Sticks was a complete success. I am out here watching the cars rust and the grass grow (and the tomatoes and cucumbers and potatoes etc). Thanks for all the nice comments and messages. I don’t know if I’d rather move or get dental work done. Hmmm. Toss up.

Next up I have some legal things to take care of and will be down in Katrina Land til the weekend. Wish me luck. Will write about it more when it’s over. Ridiculous story.

As soon as it’s all over I am going to go sit in my room and fingerpaint for a week.

Robert says hi.



  1. Empress Celena Said:

    Hi Sexy I have missed you so much! I even mentioned your Sunny personality in one of my blogs! 🙂 I am glad you have finished moving too. Who wants to go through that little bit of hell? Not me! Aaaargh. I hate moving! Robert says Hi? Damn I didn’t think he wanted to talk to the crazies you know in here! LMAO Well HI There Robert! Hope all is well in your world and yeah let me know about stupid idiots with court! Hugs

  2. Empress Celena Said:

    Oh by the way? When I finally win the lottery? I want to know where that house is in the picture! And I want to buy it and move there! Sure you and Robert and Pets can move in too! We will just have to explain it a little to Jim! *grins*

  3. Bailey Said:

    Bless you my child. I’ve missed you too. Have to catch up on your blogs especially if I am mentioned. Oh, and the house in the background is St. Peter’s Cathedral in Jackson Square, N.O. Don’t think it’s coming up for sale any time soon. Stay ultra cool.

  4. Empress Celena Said:

    Damn it! I think it would make an awesome house! *grins* OK I have to win a REALLY big lottery! LOL

  5. Cheese Goddess Said:

    Fingerpainting is awesome…especially if you’re sobbing at the same time. And dude…make a tree! Trees kick arse.

    Anywho, glad to see you around AND alive…you have really got to stop making me nervous like that. I was about to send out my search rat and everything. It sounds as if things are moving along…the more it does that, the sooner it will come to an end. And the sooner you can get that root canal you’ve always dreamed of.

    Take care and stop by again! And bring some fracking potatoes with you next time, woman.

  6. none Said:

    I am a HAACP quality control technican for the USDA… I know from where you speak about govenment paper work! And all of the really really useless and completley waste of time things one must do to satisfy the government officals who put these, ” Conditions to be met” rules into place and then make them law!

    But hey who am I to argue with the great and powerful Uncle Sam.. we have still got the best thing going in the world today, everybody wants to come to America… and live here, and work here, and then never become a citizen here.. sigh, such a wonderfully run goverment we have!

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