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Entry for May 07, 2007

Greetings from the middle of Nowhere and Not Much Else. I have been busy fingerpainting and unpacking. Still unpacking books, books and more books. A friend of mine in Los Angeles swore he would never help a reader move again after helping me move twice in a row.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and posted or commented even though I have TOTALLY neglected you. Empress and Cheesie, and T and Ms. K, and Beatleboy (trivia and all) and Lady Expat and BD and Cynthia and CoyDog and Lockerridge, Evil Skeever, Elvirah, Von, Iamigloo, well, shoot, I can’t think of anymore names. But you know who you are.

What I wanna know is why are entire cities disappearing? It is so creepy. I feel so bad for those people in Kansas and at the same time when I hear them talk about FEMA I think, good luck amigos. New Orleans is still a ghost town for the most part. And my family is spread to the 4 winds, well actually the 3 winds.

And then I think about Pompeii. Oh well.

Nothing new under the sun I guess. But it feels creepy.

A really great Zen poet named Issa summed it up rather well:

We walk on hell
Gazing at flowers

Something like that. I wish they would start the “Scrubs” channel and I would just watch that silly show all day. That’s what I would do.

Life is so fragile. I’m trying to enjoy my visit and not complain too much when it’s time to leave. Every day really is lagniappe as they say here in Louisiana: something extra.