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Entry for June 29, 2007

God is going to strike me dead any minute now. I just know it.

You will not believe the last couple of days. I have just returned from Katrina Land. Had a Dr. appt. which I was very apprehensive about (new MRI done). I got very good news. There are no new holes in my brain. (This is very good, trust me). So I called Robert back home and passed on the good news and called my friend Vickie who was also visiting New Orleans . What more could a girl ask for? So I am driving down Clearview Parkway getting ready to cross the Huey P. Long Bridge thinking: life is good. I got a good Dr. report. I talked to Robert and he’s happy and I’m on the way to see my best friend whom I haven’t seen in two years. This is great.

I am not kidding, about 10 seconds later the radiator starts blowing out steam and the engine overheats in 90+ temp. and close to rush hour. Just before the Huey P. Long Bridge. For real.

In my last blog I dissed God on the internet and now I end up stranded at a Nun’s mobile home in New Orleans. An honest to god Roman Catholic Nun. My friend Vickie is staying with her. Does any one get the huge sense of irony in all this besides me? And to top it all off, there is a mini-bulldozer leveling the ground in the side yard. It’s an older mobile home and so far he has bashed into it twice. The second time I stuck my head out and yelled “HEY YOU — WATCH THE HOUSE!!” With unlit cigarette dangling from his lip he waved me off like some kind of annoying fly and sort of laughed.. Geez. He bashed it once more (just for fun I think) We start walking to the car. Be careful I said to Vickie, it might not be here when you get back. (I got the car going again with a little help from Stop Leak).

ANYWAY, in my last blog I was in complete despair over the state of Things in General because a sheriff’s deputy crashed his car into a tree and died. And during the funeral procession a tree fell on another deputy’s car, killing her fiance and paralyzing her. So a deputy hit a tree then a tree hit a deputy. I had a spiritual meltdown and raised my fist at The Unmoved Mover of the Universe. Whoever that happens to be. Next day I am sitting in a Nun’s trailer in New Orleans with a maniac bulldozer operator bashing things around. Maybe this is his way of flirting and getting us to come outside. The Redneck Way of knocking on the door. The Unmoved Mover of the Trailer.

We are not impressed. We go get Cold Stone ice cream. Nothing tastes better than ice cream, lots of it, after you’ve sweated your ass off in the New Orleans summer heat.

I am still not speaking to God. It’s not funny. But I might go play Charity Bingo with the Nuns at the church.


Squirrel Power!!!

Greetings Earthlings. This blogger is in a very weird mood today. I have decided one thing after all the years of thinking and pondering and reading philosophers and learning string theory and studying religion. (I have done a LOT of all of these – 38 years total).

It just plain doesn’t MATTER how we got here. We may never know. It doesn’t matter but war is so evil and horrible. And ridiculously man-made. Occasionally necessary but most of the time not. It just doesn’t matter how we got here but how we live once we get here. And war is totally antithetical to life. Yeah, I know all the arguments. And I am not talking about Iraq. Or even the soldiers there. War sucks. I just wish everyone would quit arguing over who is The Heavenly Boss. Besides, I think it’s more about real estate than heaven. Bleah bleah bleah.

Anyway, that is my big fat conclusion after seeing such horror happening over and over to good people, to bad people. God is out playing golf if he does exist. Besides, it really isn’t important. Not to give power to the atheists. They don’t know squat either. Zealots in their own right.

I have abandoned my search for truth and am now looking for a good fantasy (Ashleigh Brilliant). I can’t believe I have wasted so much time thinking about this and thinking maybe there was an explanation somewhere. But I just heard about the most horrible thing happening to a local sheriff’s deputy. It’s just not right or even close to being fair or overseen by a loving and personal god. No freaking way.

She and her fiance (also a deputy) were in a funeral procession for a deputy killed that week in the line of duty when a severe storm cell popped up, possibly a tornado, pouring down rain and uprooting a tree. The tree fell on their vehicle, killing her fiance and paralyzing her from the chest down.

I just don’t get it. This is not an urban legend. It’s on the front page. I officially throw in the towel and admit I don’t have a clue. I’m not sure I want one anymore. That poor woman had everthing to look forward to in this life and blam a tree falls on the car during a FUNERAL for a co-worker no less. Geez.

Okay enough of that. To change the subject, I would like to apply to be Kathy Griffin’s personal stalker. I think she has gotten famous enough for that. Although I am not gay and she has a large gay fan base. But I am going to apply for the job. Send her an email. She sent one to Liza so I guess I can send one to her.

Of, course I would have to move back to L.A. (gross) and get a van with a lift on the back so I can keep up with stalking her. I can’t walk too fast (the MS) and would have to get a scooter. But I keep thinking this might be a good career move for me.

It’s never too late to live your dreams.

P.S. Don’t tell Robert.

(Oh, and I almost forgot, tune in tomorrow for “Adventures With Bill the Cat.”)


Yes, I am alive and well and living in Bumf**k, Egypt. I had a lot going on last month and am just now starting to surface again. The court case was decided in my favor so that is one more hassle off the list of life’s little pain’s in the arse. (Promise to tell the story soon, it’s a real corker). Involves my horse and a lunatic redneck hunter (and me).

I got my horse, Kalyth, onto the property about 3 weeks ago. It has done a lot for my attitude (see previous blogs). Will post pictures soon. There is something about the outside of a horse that is really good for the inside of a person. It’s true. I’ve worked with handicapped kids and horses and have seen it happen. Very therapeutic.

The picture is of my squirrel, Murray. He is such a character. He shares my art room with me and I must say he is very messy. He has appropriated one of my favorite curtains for his own personal hammock and I don’t have the heart to take it away from him. He hasn’t made a mark on it. (He usually chews holes in his blankies) . This particular photo makes me laugh because he has taken to sleeping this way at night. He only has 3 legs and sleeps in his little curtain hammock and lets the leg and tail hang down. Okay, so this is what humor has become to me. I need to get more of a Life. I am working on photos and paintings and gardening etc. But I have a huge soft spot for Murray or as we call him around here “The Mur.”

It’s the middle of June and we already have vegetables out of the garden here. (Louisiana) Can’t beat the fresh stuff.

Ta for now.

P.S. Still unpacking. Think I will be unpacking forever.