Yes, I am alive and well and living in Bumf**k, Egypt. I had a lot going on last month and am just now starting to surface again. The court case was decided in my favor so that is one more hassle off the list of life’s little pain’s in the arse. (Promise to tell the story soon, it’s a real corker). Involves my horse and a lunatic redneck hunter (and me).

I got my horse, Kalyth, onto the property about 3 weeks ago. It has done a lot for my attitude (see previous blogs). Will post pictures soon. There is something about the outside of a horse that is really good for the inside of a person. It’s true. I’ve worked with handicapped kids and horses and have seen it happen. Very therapeutic.

The picture is of my squirrel, Murray. He is such a character. He shares my art room with me and I must say he is very messy. He has appropriated one of my favorite curtains for his own personal hammock and I don’t have the heart to take it away from him. He hasn’t made a mark on it. (He usually chews holes in his blankies) . This particular photo makes me laugh because he has taken to sleeping this way at night. He only has 3 legs and sleeps in his little curtain hammock and lets the leg and tail hang down. Okay, so this is what humor has become to me. I need to get more of a Life. I am working on photos and paintings and gardening etc. But I have a huge soft spot for Murray or as we call him around here “The Mur.”

It’s the middle of June and we already have vegetables out of the garden here. (Louisiana) Can’t beat the fresh stuff.

Ta for now.

P.S. Still unpacking. Think I will be unpacking forever.



  1. snow leopard Said:

    I am glad you are back, and I love the MUR, he is a handfull I bet. I can only imagine. Great news about your horse, and pictures would be great, no rush, i know you have alot going on!

  2. Empress Celena Said:

    *claps* Hurray you won!!!! Gods how I wish I would have won mine, but I am so glad you did yours.

    Murray is funny! At least he doesn’t terrorize anything else! Squirrels in our yard were being very naughty! The chewed through all of our christmas lights the little boogers! So we stopped feeding them. Before we fed them they left the lights alone. After we stopped feeding them they have left the lights alone. I guess they just didn’t want us feeding them! LOL So nice you finally have your horse. Hugs to you and your horse!

  3. LadyExpat Said:

    Welcome back! At first I thought you had moved to Egypt…LOL. Murry looks like he would be lots of fun.

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