Squirrel Power!!!

Greetings Earthlings. This blogger is in a very weird mood today. I have decided one thing after all the years of thinking and pondering and reading philosophers and learning string theory and studying religion. (I have done a LOT of all of these – 38 years total).

It just plain doesn’t MATTER how we got here. We may never know. It doesn’t matter but war is so evil and horrible. And ridiculously man-made. Occasionally necessary but most of the time not. It just doesn’t matter how we got here but how we live once we get here. And war is totally antithetical to life. Yeah, I know all the arguments. And I am not talking about Iraq. Or even the soldiers there. War sucks. I just wish everyone would quit arguing over who is The Heavenly Boss. Besides, I think it’s more about real estate than heaven. Bleah bleah bleah.

Anyway, that is my big fat conclusion after seeing such horror happening over and over to good people, to bad people. God is out playing golf if he does exist. Besides, it really isn’t important. Not to give power to the atheists. They don’t know squat either. Zealots in their own right.

I have abandoned my search for truth and am now looking for a good fantasy (Ashleigh Brilliant). I can’t believe I have wasted so much time thinking about this and thinking maybe there was an explanation somewhere. But I just heard about the most horrible thing happening to a local sheriff’s deputy. It’s just not right or even close to being fair or overseen by a loving and personal god. No freaking way.

She and her fiance (also a deputy) were in a funeral procession for a deputy killed that week in the line of duty when a severe storm cell popped up, possibly a tornado, pouring down rain and uprooting a tree. The tree fell on their vehicle, killing her fiance and paralyzing her from the chest down.

I just don’t get it. This is not an urban legend. It’s on the front page. I officially throw in the towel and admit I don’t have a clue. I’m not sure I want one anymore. That poor woman had everthing to look forward to in this life and blam a tree falls on the car during a FUNERAL for a co-worker no less. Geez.

Okay enough of that. To change the subject, I would like to apply to be Kathy Griffin’s personal stalker. I think she has gotten famous enough for that. Although I am not gay and she has a large gay fan base. But I am going to apply for the job. Send her an email. She sent one to Liza so I guess I can send one to her.

Of, course I would have to move back to L.A. (gross) and get a van with a lift on the back so I can keep up with stalking her. I can’t walk too fast (the MS) and would have to get a scooter. But I keep thinking this might be a good career move for me.

It’s never too late to live your dreams.

P.S. Don’t tell Robert.

(Oh, and I almost forgot, tune in tomorrow for “Adventures With Bill the Cat.”)



  1. Empress Celena Said:

    That squirrel is so cute! I think of God in a different way. As a parent when your kids move out you do have any control over their lives. You cannot protect them from harm. You cannot tell them what to do to protect them from theirselves. You have to let them go and their fate is in their own hands. This is the way I think of God also. Like a parent who can only stand by and watch not interfere. I read once about the 3 fates. One that spun the thread of your life, one that pulled out the thread of your life, one who cut the thread which would be the end of your life. Who knows how these work. But I think in the end we all find out.

    Now who in hades is Kathy Griffin? Why would you want to stalk her? LOL let me know

    Glad to see you back on. Hugs

  2. Cynthia D Said:

    There are some great lines in this blog! “…it’s more about real estate than heaven.”
    Atheists being zealots in their won right.
    That is tragic what happened to that poor deputy and her husband.
    Personally, I would not blame God for that. I believe God made this planet a self sustaining system, (complete with planetary growing pains and storms). If it’s our souls that are the essence of us, what happens while we inhabit bodies within this planetary system can perhaps be overwritten if we mobilize our faith and specifically ask for a natural event to be replaced with our will. I suspect if it doesn’t rewrite some other, more pressing plan, (agreed upon by souls before they even wound up here), the prayers can change events that would have happened.
    Could be all wrong, though.

  3. Bailey Said:

    Thanks to you both for putting up with my rant. I was very angry when I wrote that and I still give up on trying to get a graspof what might be happening in this life. I am reading a beautiful novel right now called “A Fine Balance” which takes place in India. It is very philosophical and today I read a lovely passage that compared life to a patchwork quilt. It doesn’t make a lot of sense close up and piece by piece but it’s the larger pattern or picture that’s the key. Dunno. Great read though. I complain too much.

  4. LadyExpat Said:

    Bailey I am with you. I have never figured out how “God” can be so loving and yet so many people die in his/her name. Weird eh? That poor woman..my heart goes out to her. Love your squirrelly friend.

  5. Cheese Goddess Said:

    HAHA…dude, that was the best entry I’ve ever read. Yes, it may’ve been written in anger but sometimes with anger, just like with drunkenness, you can allow the truth to come out. My views on religion are very much jaded and while I can respect others and their beliefs, I just find it hard to believe that God has a plan and that his plan was to have a tree fall on that woman’s car and to kill her fiance. It’s as if God is an angry teenage horror writer and he’s just looking for horrible ways for his characters to die or something. Once in a while, he takes a break and goes to the bathroom and such, but then he comes back and BOY is he pissed. Like…constant constipation or something.

    As for Kathy Griffin…she scares the crap out of me. I’m not sure where this popularity of hers came from, but it makes me think I haven’t given her enough of a chance, but it’s hard to do that when you feel the need to shove a pencil in your ear every time you hear her say something. However, she was really quite amusing the couple of times she showed up on Seinfeld.

    Take care, lovely!

  6. Evil Skeever Said:

    What a good bit of feedback on a terrific blog. I love the balance all the way around. And it is great to have you back, Bailey!

  7. Bailey Said:

    Thanks so much you guys. I think the trick is not to care so much. I really appreciate your comments. Take care. Really.

  8. none Said:

    I missed this for a long time didn’t I .. for shame upon a lockie..

    hummm.. you know what happened when the tree fell on the patrol car at the funeral of a co worker.. that of all the people whom it might have chosen to hit were people who serve and protect others… know what happened huh?

    He got your attention.. maybe not your praise and love letters.. but He got you to thinking about how life is unpredictable and how even if it seems like fairy tales to some.. there is a hereafter … and you never know when it is going to be the after of the here..

    well that is just what I think.. and opinions are like buttholes.. everyone has one and they all smell really yucky!

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