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Bert to the Rescue

Greetings Earthlings!

Just when Robert thought he was going to lose his mind keeping Bill the Cat busy, along comes Bert and saves the day. He’s been staying outside since the weather got warm and I’m thinking he decided to trade a little babysitting for some time in a climate-controlled environment and some Kitten Chow. It works out well. After he’s worn out his welcome with Robert, we let in Bert, then when Bert has had it, he sleeps with me for ahile and sucks on my finger, then we hand him off to my dog, Daisy, which is a miracle because she doesn’t put up with anything. But I caught them redhanded sleeping together. Murray even gets in on it and the bird, Shriek. It’s busy in the living room, to say the least. Oh barf. It all sounds so cute and Disney-like. Excuse me while I throw up.

Okay, I’m back. It honestly is nice having a kitten in the house. Of course, I need another animal like I need a hole in the head. And someone is trying to give me a thoroughbred colt that is around 10 days old now. Hmmmmmm. Should I even think about this one? Ha ha. Here’s one for ya. Are we gonna end up with it or not? He won’t be ready to leave his Momma til November. Enter my poll and win a new Visio big screen tv. (okay maybe not, how about an old digital clock radio ? — only the radio and alarm work — not the cd player). This is a for real contest unless you live overseas. I can’t afford the postage if you do. Vote early and often. Tell me what I want to hear and then email me how many times you voted. I will do the rest.

Tune in next time for details on how you may see Robert and Me in a Major Motion Picture coming soon to a Theatre Near You. (I know what you perverts were thinking — NO it is NOT Porno) You wish.


The Not Too Bad News

—– The Subaru assembly plant in Indiana celebrates three years of operation without taking out the trash. It sends nothing to a landfill. Raw materials go in, cars – and little else – come out. Subaru says it has recycled or reused 97 percent of its excess or leftover materials like steel, plastic, wood, paper and glass. The other 3 percent supplies electricity for the Indianapolis area through the steam generated and captured during incineration.

—– A $390,000 donation to the Gulf Coast School Library Recovery Initiative will go a long way toward putting books on the shelves and hope back in the hearts of kids and their teachers in the hurricane-devastated region, thanks to a unique PGA contest called Birdies for Books. For every birdie hole played at the April 2007 New Orleans PGA pro golf tournament, $100 was pledged to the Laura Bush Foundation library effort by tour sponsor, Zurich Financial Services.

—- China, the world’s largest producer of ozone depleting chemicals, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and halon, has shut down five of its six remaining plants and banned their wide use. The facilities were closed during a symbolic ceremony on Sunday organized by Chinese authorities and chemical companies that agreed to stop manufacturing chemicals harmful to the ozone layer

— “North Korea’s cooperation was ‘excellent’, said a UN inspector on Friday after visiting a nuclear reactor with his 4-person team from the International Atomic Energy Agency. It was the first UN inspection of the reactor in five years and full access to all areas was allowed.”

— 23-year-old Barrington Irving is claiming to be the youngest, and the first black man to circle the globe solo. His journey took 97 days in a plane he built himself with donated parts and named Inspiration. He plans to inspire other minority youths to pursue aviation..

— “Israelis try to cushion the effects of their daily stress by taking part in the third annual mass pillow fight. While Israeli forces attack in Gaza and the regional conflict seemed far from an end, residents of the coastal city of Tel Aviv engage in some stress-busting scuffles involving pillows.”

Source: Good News Network International

Bill and Murray

This is Bill the Cat. He is the newest addition to the entourage here. Robert found him screaming bloody murder under his auntie’s house. Bill is ultra-cool. He didn’t like the bath I gave him but he was so greasy I just had to do it. His best buddy is Murray. Together they annoy the hell out of my dog Daisy. Anyway, I am enjoying having a kitten around the house. It lightens everything up a lot.

And I have not been struck dead yet. So it’s a good day.

I am looking for good news to print now (and NOT the Jehovah’s Witness newspaper) and will post it here as I find it. It may take some looking on my part. But I am tired of all the drama. Okay the world is gonna end in 2059. That gives us 52 years and then some. I will give you the exact countdown when I can compute it better (I am hardly awake yet).

But behold Earthlings I am gonna give you good tidings of great joy to make up for my morose mood the past few months. If I can find it.