Bill and Murray

This is Bill the Cat. He is the newest addition to the entourage here. Robert found him screaming bloody murder under his auntie’s house. Bill is ultra-cool. He didn’t like the bath I gave him but he was so greasy I just had to do it. His best buddy is Murray. Together they annoy the hell out of my dog Daisy. Anyway, I am enjoying having a kitten around the house. It lightens everything up a lot.

And I have not been struck dead yet. So it’s a good day.

I am looking for good news to print now (and NOT the Jehovah’s Witness newspaper) and will post it here as I find it. It may take some looking on my part. But I am tired of all the drama. Okay the world is gonna end in 2059. That gives us 52 years and then some. I will give you the exact countdown when I can compute it better (I am hardly awake yet).

But behold Earthlings I am gonna give you good tidings of great joy to make up for my morose mood the past few months. If I can find it.



  1. Empress Celena Said:

    What in blue blazes is going on over here? I see you blogged and I come over and at first I thought that you had blogged and somehow I had missed it. But nope you have just blogged twice in 1 day! I may have to go change my pants! I was so excited! Awe Bill looks like my Justin. Only difference is Justin was blind. But he had big bat ears when he was a baby too and then grew into them! Justin was huge. Unfortunately he had feline lukemia and only lived to be a year and a half. *sniffles* He was a great cat.

    The world is going to end 2059? Gods I had been get to having lots of sex fast! ROFL Are you going to put on clown makeup and take pictures of yourself for us? I would like that. *giggles* I am sure our Miss Cheese would like it also! It would give me great joy! LMAO OK Off to read the other blog. Hugs

  2. Cheese Goddess Said:

    Bill looks like my kitty, Yahoo…except that he doesn’t look petrified. Yahoo always looks like something’s out to get him…but I suppose that after you live with me for a while and you just get snatched up and carried around at inopportune moments, you learn stealth and paranoia.

    52 years before the world ends? Man, I still have so much that I want to do! I wanted to sit around the house and scratch myself and sniff random objects and make myself gag…my life is full of wonder and joy and I don’t want that taken away! Especially since I know there will be no Heaven in store for me…gods damn agnostic tendencies. Anywho, I’m glad that the kitty is making things fun over there…take care of yourself and good on you for looking up happy news. I wish you all the luck finding such a thing, Star Buck.

  3. none Said:

    Is that a hamster I see behind the cat? And there is bliss and harmony there? Are you sure you live in the same dimension as me.. cats and hamsters loving each other… imagine that!

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