The Not Too Bad News

—– The Subaru assembly plant in Indiana celebrates three years of operation without taking out the trash. It sends nothing to a landfill. Raw materials go in, cars – and little else – come out. Subaru says it has recycled or reused 97 percent of its excess or leftover materials like steel, plastic, wood, paper and glass. The other 3 percent supplies electricity for the Indianapolis area through the steam generated and captured during incineration.

—– A $390,000 donation to the Gulf Coast School Library Recovery Initiative will go a long way toward putting books on the shelves and hope back in the hearts of kids and their teachers in the hurricane-devastated region, thanks to a unique PGA contest called Birdies for Books. For every birdie hole played at the April 2007 New Orleans PGA pro golf tournament, $100 was pledged to the Laura Bush Foundation library effort by tour sponsor, Zurich Financial Services.

—- China, the world’s largest producer of ozone depleting chemicals, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and halon, has shut down five of its six remaining plants and banned their wide use. The facilities were closed during a symbolic ceremony on Sunday organized by Chinese authorities and chemical companies that agreed to stop manufacturing chemicals harmful to the ozone layer

— “North Korea’s cooperation was ‘excellent’, said a UN inspector on Friday after visiting a nuclear reactor with his 4-person team from the International Atomic Energy Agency. It was the first UN inspection of the reactor in five years and full access to all areas was allowed.”

— 23-year-old Barrington Irving is claiming to be the youngest, and the first black man to circle the globe solo. His journey took 97 days in a plane he built himself with donated parts and named Inspiration. He plans to inspire other minority youths to pursue aviation..

— “Israelis try to cushion the effects of their daily stress by taking part in the third annual mass pillow fight. While Israeli forces attack in Gaza and the regional conflict seemed far from an end, residents of the coastal city of Tel Aviv engage in some stress-busting scuffles involving pillows.”

Source: Good News Network International



  1. Empress Celena Said:

    Hmm yet the US as a whole is not doing as well as China is it? Has anyone been through Gary Indiana lately? Eww talk about your nasties fricken polluters! It is awful. I do not even go that way unless I have to! Stupid fracking companies. The thing is most americans are not willing to give up much to stop pollution. I am. But no one cares. I have not used an aerosol can in probably 20 years. Which isn’t much when I have watched my polluting little arses (kids) use them. Don’t think that living with me made it easy for them either! I call them scum polluters! LMOA I tell them they are disgusting for polluting our air with such crap! *sigh* Of course they roll their eyes at me and walk away. I might as well be the wall. *grins* But I do try. I have missed you. I was wondering you said your connnection was slow. Mine is 45 KBSeS what is yours? Not as bad as my Mom’s is it? Hers is like 25 KBSes! Ugh! Awful! Nice to meet your newest addition to your family! Hope all is well and it is nice to know that you have not as of yet been struck down by lightening. *smiles*

  2. §{₣♫©К}Ж{№}§ Said:

    It’s always good to hear some encouraging news. I especially like the Pillow Fight one. I might have to try that, except on a smaller scale of course.

  3. Cheese Goddess Said:

    Hooray! You weren’t struck dead by God or any other vengeful people who fly around in the sky and watch us all undress! That makes me happy.

    I sometimes like to escape from the crap the regular media throws at us by visiting a little place called …they sometimes have some great stories that don’t make you cry at the state of the world. I think a pillow fight sounds like a great idea…if it works for teenage lesbians in porn movies, why in the world can it not work for everyone who’s feeling a bit cranky? I’d like to see this country participate in that sort of thing more…maybe then everyone would stop itching to pull their guns out of their pants.

    Thanks for the good news…I’m glad that things are looking a bit brighter in your world! Just remember…negativity can be just as fun, but the idea of a bunch of grown men having a pillow fight just amuses me to no end. Much love!

  4. none Said:

    Well that is just wonderful.. but I still have to wonder about the cat and hamster living in your house in peace love and harmony.. that is the best and strangest thing I have heard of in a while! but all in all.. I will sleep well tonight!

  5. Empress Celena Said:

    By the way? You missed mud fights which turned into a pillow fight that then turned into a water fight! Virtual fighting is so much fun! LMAO Well how is the kitty/squirrel combo doing? I am surprised the squirrel hasn’t kicked kitty’s arse yet! Hugs hope you are having an awesome weekend.

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