Bert to the Rescue

Greetings Earthlings!

Just when Robert thought he was going to lose his mind keeping Bill the Cat busy, along comes Bert and saves the day. He’s been staying outside since the weather got warm and I’m thinking he decided to trade a little babysitting for some time in a climate-controlled environment and some Kitten Chow. It works out well. After he’s worn out his welcome with Robert, we let in Bert, then when Bert has had it, he sleeps with me for ahile and sucks on my finger, then we hand him off to my dog, Daisy, which is a miracle because she doesn’t put up with anything. But I caught them redhanded sleeping together. Murray even gets in on it and the bird, Shriek. It’s busy in the living room, to say the least. Oh barf. It all sounds so cute and Disney-like. Excuse me while I throw up.

Okay, I’m back. It honestly is nice having a kitten in the house. Of course, I need another animal like I need a hole in the head. And someone is trying to give me a thoroughbred colt that is around 10 days old now. Hmmmmmm. Should I even think about this one? Ha ha. Here’s one for ya. Are we gonna end up with it or not? He won’t be ready to leave his Momma til November. Enter my poll and win a new Visio big screen tv. (okay maybe not, how about an old digital clock radio ? — only the radio and alarm work — not the cd player). This is a for real contest unless you live overseas. I can’t afford the postage if you do. Vote early and often. Tell me what I want to hear and then email me how many times you voted. I will do the rest.

Tune in next time for details on how you may see Robert and Me in a Major Motion Picture coming soon to a Theatre Near You. (I know what you perverts were thinking — NO it is NOT Porno) You wish.



  1. Empress Celena Said:

    Wellll as you can see or maybe you cannot I voted to hell with logic! LMAO I am a sorry sap for animals. (As if no one can tell) And he might make a very good towel rack! As we all know, we can use extra towel racks. He may eat them but the good part is that you no longer have to wash the towels. So he would be doing you favors. Right? Gods I am pathetic and would take in animals left and right if Jim wouldn’t absolutely kill me! ROFL I most recently went to “Petland”. A store that sells mostly puppies. I would not normally go to a store that is nothing more than a puppy mill but my daughter dragged me there. So then I see this little girl, Bermes mountain dog. While they say the dogs re socialized they are not. You could tell, she was scared to death and never even brought up her tail. I so wanted to take her home. Now I am mad and frustrated that I cannot. $1300. they want for her and Jim said absolutely not. He said then you will be going over there “saving” a half a dozen more. And breeders told me DO NOT buy from them as they are a puppy mill. *sigh* Still I want her and I feel bad.Some place called hungtington corporation owns them I think. *sniffles* Poor little girl is so sad there. She is was absolutely fracking adorable! So I know how you feel. Hugs

  2. §{₣♫©К}Ж{№}§ Said:

    A colt would be fun, but they are a handful. It sounds as though your hands are already a bit full. Ah, but they’re soooo cute.:)

  3. Cheese Goddess Said:

    As I stated in some random message to you, I think that the colt is a lovely idea! I can live vicariously through you, since I’ve been forbidden from getting any other pets. And I totally wanted a chicken and a fainting goat too!

    Bill is such an adorable little kitten…I think they’re such entertaining little animals to have around the house. I know that when I got my Yahoo as a young guy, he was just awesome…so, it never hurts to have more pets. I hope that you end up getting the colt and that you keep us updated!

    Much love to you, sexy beans.

  4. none Said:

    well cats and birds and dogs don’t have to be broken to the saddle and then broken to the rider and they don’t get colic for no stinking reason, and they don’t lay down and roll in the dirt and in the process twist a gut and die instantly.. see where I am going with this one..

    horses if you don’t know how to handle them to enjoy them.. can become mean and sullen.. and they are very intelligent, so therefore they learn early on how to work you to their way of doing.. be really really thoughtful before you say yes.. to the horse.. I have one.. and well artie and I get along fine as long as I do what artie wants to do .. if I try to get my way.. .. I try to stay in a place with a lot of nice soft grass to land on when she throws me..

  5. Bailey Said:

    That is hitting the nail on the head exactly Lockie. I already have one horse and have been there and done ALL that more than a few times. Looks like I may be getting an opportunity to go hang at a stable with over 70 horses. (maybe I died and went to heaven). Glad to hear someone else has been through the horsie wringer. Yes, they are intelligent but have many people convinced that they are dumb.

    And FN, thanks for the compliment. . .didn’t know you could even see my hands from there but even I have to admit they are quite attractive.

    Cheesie don’t worry there will always be another pet, even when they are forbidden. Trust me on this one.

    And Empress, so what if it’s from a puppy factory — it still needs rescuing. Just whip out that credit card when hubby is not looking and get the poor baby. (I have kidnapped abused animals before).

    Thanks for taking my poll ya’ll. But I can’t tell who voted the most and told me the answer I wanted to hear. Send me an email with your address whoever it is and I will send you your digital clock radio with c/d player that doesn’t quite work.

    Ta for now.

  6. Anonymous Said:

    Well, I came in late.. but better late than never, eh? Looks like you’ve enough love going around your place without the colt.. but it’s your decision. Personally, I think horses are nice to look at in someone ELSE’S pasture!

    Have a great one!

  7. Anonymous Said:

    Oh! and congrats on the new addition! I have one too… Baxter. Picture featured on a recent blog entry on my page. I had forgotten how badly my lap needed warming. Great picture up there 🙂

  8. Cobby/ink freak/Ink artist Said:

    Cats are cool, met a bunch and like most. COool Beans. Ink On. Lets Make Peace. Cobby, Ink On.

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