It’s All Good

Greetings Earthlings and Extraterrestrials (you never know). I have had yet another sustained absence from the Blog World and have missed every last one of you terribly.

This weather is enough to make me believe in Global Warming. yuck. Seriously, I believe in very little anymore. This is a good thing though. I feel lighter. You know, the ole “I feel much better now that I’ve given up hope.”

Nothing but great news on this end of the USA. Robert and I ARE going to be in a film shooting down here in October. No kidding. And you thought I was just kidding. It’s called “Lost River” and set around the 1850s. And it looks like I will be doing the production photos for the film, too. So, I am just waiting for summer to kick the bucket so I can have some fun. Sweating is just not for me.

Also have started selling Horsie Treats to a local feed store and they are going out the door pretty quickly. I also do gourmet dog biscuits (dipped in yogurt and carob etc) and am going to sell those there too. It’s something I have done off and on but this looks like the right place and time.

But the best news of all is that I just underwent a surgical biopsy because something suspicious showed up on a recent mammogram and a follow-up ultrasound. It all went amazingly well (the surgery) and the growth turned out to be fibrocystic in nature. BENIGN. No cancer. Phew. Dodged a bullet that time. So, if I may be preachy here, Girls — get those mammograms is all I can say. My doc sent me for a routine screen that I would not have done on my own. Silly me. If you have a family history — do it earlier. No history, I would start at 30. And the self exams of course. But here is a case of something I was bombarded by the media with to the point of being unconcerned. No way I would volunteer to go get my boobs squeezed into a machine by a stranger (it really wasn’t that bad — it would’ve been fun if I’d had a Sharpie).

ANYWAY– take care of yourselves. It’s the only body you’ll ever get.

Ta for now.



  1. Empress Celena Said:

    Gods girl you should be happy your bobbly bits are in order! Personally I try to remember to grope myself once a month. I had a small lump and I found it they didn’t and it turned out to be a little milk gland that the milk hardened up in. So no sweat there. Hugs Sexy be happy!

  2. Empress Celena Said:

    Well maybe it is because a lot of people are having connection problems. And some are busier than normal. *sniffs* I don’t smell anything. LOL You know how fickle people can be. Gone for a bit and they forget you. Faithless dickheads! ROFLMAO Well I am glad my bobbly bits were good too! LMAO I already said I refuse to get them removed so I had better not get cancer! Stupid shit. Hormones in shit is the cause and they have now proved it in the U.S. but with the Pharm’s paying the FDA I guess those whores will say anything the Pharms want them too! Hugs Sexy I missed you!

  3. Cobby/ink freak/Ink artist Said:

    You are absolutely right on the preventative medicine. Glad things turned out alright with you. I was a Air Force Medic for 21 years, and worked with the Surgeons on all kinds of skin lesions, and you have to nip them in the bud. Happy New Year and Cool Beans to you. Cobby.

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